The FLEX Academy

The Harrisburg FLEX Academy was created with the understanding that not all students learn the same and families need options and personalized plans for their student's education. The Harrisburg FLEX Academy is a tuition free, innovative, rigorous and customizable virtual program that is hosted by the Harrisburg School District. We believe families who choose to do school virtually should have access to the best ideas, tools, and methods available. The Harrisburg FLEX Academy provides families with a variety of customizable and effective digital learning courses. Students thrive with a variety of electives, AP classes, CTE training, teacher support, and face to face learning opportunities. By providing a challenging and engaging education experience, we help support parents in choosing the best options for their student learning.

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WANT MORE CHOICES IN YOUR CHILD'S EDUCATION? At Harrisburg FLEX Academy, an Individual Learning Plan is developed with family input, making each path unique, to meet the needs and interests of every student.


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